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Mar 30, 2013 7:00am PDT
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Mar 31, 2013 5:00am PDT
making process. obviously, there's a lot of speculation. people are wondering, did kim jong-un get the message that was delivered by china, by russia, and so many others, to dial back the rhetoric and all the talk of near war on the peninsula, missile strikes on the continental united states. did he hear that message? is that why we're seeing all of this? even some north korean experts say kim jong-un was painting himself into a corner with all of that. he was whipping up so much national fervor and getting people geared up to go to war that it could backfire on him. he could lose credibility or even worse, he can find himself in a position where he had to make good on some of those threats in order to maintain a standing in the eyes of his own people. there's little doubt, at this point, that over the course of the next hours and days, all eyes from washington to beijing, from here in seoul to moscow, are going to be on north korea and kim jong-un to try to see what he does say, to try to listen closely and find out what the next move of pyongyang will be. alison? >> okay, jim cla
Mar 30, 2013 5:00am PDT
up. victor, alison? >> jim, we saw the photographs just a few seconds ago of kim jong-un with four generals behind him and the map in the background talks about targets in the u.s. what is the likelihood that kim jong-un and his army could pull that off? >> in a word, zero. they cannot hit the u.s. mainland with what they have now. if they were to launch that missile that they put up to put a satellite in orbit, they'd have to leave it on the launch pad probably ten days as they fueled it up. they simply don't have the capability, they're too vulnerable, but they do have medium and long-range missiles with a range of about 1,300 miles the longest ones and that does put guam and japan within range, those missiles work and there are concerns over that, the concerns are over the more low level things they could do, the cyber attacks like we saw in the banks, the incident like the "cheonan" that was lost in 2010, those are things that south korea and the u.s. are keeping a close eye on tonight. >> jim clancy in seoul, south korea, for us, thank you. >>> we've got much more ahead this h
Mar 2, 2013 4:30am PST
of the photos, like this one, barely resemble her. >>> and how is this for an odd couple. kim jong-un and dennis rodman laughing it up on the court side in pyongyang. just two dudes chilling, watching the game. now, the magazine is producing a new show for hbo, our corporate cousin. after the game, rodman gave a speech to the crowd in which he told kim, you have a friend for life. >> very bizarre. >> i wonder if they'll be writing notes and sending pictures. >> i don't know. >>> one person who is not making any new friends, joan rivers. yeah, the comedian stirred up drama after she made this back-handed compliment about heidi klum's oscar outfit. >> last time a german looked this hot is when they were pushing -- >> and victor, she's not apologizing for that either. this is what she said on "showbiz tonight" on thursday. >> it's a joke, number one. number two, it was about the holocaust, i do it through humor. my husband lost his entire family in the holocaust. let's start with that. so people, your generation doesn't even know what i'm talking about. my doing a joke gets them talking and thinkin
Mar 9, 2013 7:00am PST
jong-un, during his military inspection tour of border facilities. kim wants the world to see this as he has dramatically stepped up his dangerous rhetoric. he's even threatening a nuclear attack on the u.s. as he faces tough u.n. sanctions for his recent nuclear test. the obama administration isn't packing down. >> we're also going to continue to increase the pressure if they don't make the right choice. >> reporter: on his way to afghanistan, defense secretary chuck hagel made clear how closely the u.s. is watching. >> the united states of america and our allies are prepared to deal with any threat. >> reporter: cnn has learned the u.s. has recently stepped up surveillance using aircraft, bars, and satellites nearby. so far, there are no signs of unusual military moves boy the nor -- moves boy the north. there's a disturbing program, the k08. this missile shown in a parade last year is undergoing engine testing. a three-stage ballistic missile with a potential 3,000-mile range. that's not as far as the rocket north korea launched which could hit alaska or hawaii. so why does
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5